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Mastering Mountains

Happy first anniversary to On this Day in Church History! I wrote my first post on this day one year ago. To celebrate, I took a look back at my posts from last year.

Here are three stories that inspire us to master the mountains in our lives:

Fearless Faith

“Where is your faith? Where is your confidence in God? Do you know that all things are in his hands?”

Read a story about the incomparable Lucy Mack Smith and how she used faith to blaze a path through whatever came her way.

Beautiful & Bright

“No more do I eat alone. You must eat part of it. If we starve we will starve together.”

Read a story about my fourth-great-grandparents Joseph and Alice and how their love for each other led them through perilous adventure.

Hitting Rock Bottom

He stood up that very morning and he preached. He baptized. He shared the light of Christ. He chose to bust open the windows and let the sun evaporate the darkness.

Read a story about when I had hit rock bottom interwoven with the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith on the night he was tarred and feathered.

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