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Five Ways to Find Peace in Christ this Christmas

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but we are not living in a peace-filled world this Christmas. There are wars and countless conflicts happening right now across the globe. Sometimes, the conflicts are happening in our own homes, families, and communities.

This Christmas I have been struggling with this question: how do we find peace in this turbulent world? I believe that the best answer to this question is answered by One Person: The Savior, the Ultimate Peacemaker, Jesus Christ.

Here are my five ways to find peace in Christ this Christmas:

  1. Light the World

The Light the World program is something truly special going on this Christmas. Did you know that this year 250 local, national, and global nonprofits are participating? Now that is cause for celebration! So many people working together to help those in need. That news alone brings peace to my troubled heart.

But the best part? WE can participate in this program! The Giving Machines are in 61 cities located in seven different countries. Go see a Giving Machine yourself if you can, but if you cannot, you can also donate online!

If you haven’t seen the video of Times Square being lit up by scenes of the Nativity, please watch it here. It is absolutely beautiful!

  1. Watch His Story

According to Zippia1, globally the average screen time for individuals is about 7 hours a day. Wow. We all know it is true. That’s a lot of screen time. This Christmas, why not consider sharing our screen time with Jesus Christ?

You can watch a variety of Bible videos about Jesus Christ for free online. Watch them here.

Have you seen this video of the Nativity story? It is wonderful!

I am an avid fan of the show, The Chosen. This show is about the life of Jesus Christ and His followers. If you haven’t yet watched it yet, give it a try this Christmas. You can watch the Chosen for free online or in the app and you can also watch it on a variety of streaming services. More details on their website here.

  1. Read His Story

Why not go straight to the source? Don’t neglect to read in your scriptures this Christmas! Here is a free, fun game to help you dig into your scriptures this Christmas:

  1. Share His Story

What can you do to share the Light of Christ this Christmas? There are so many possibilities! For example, one thing I am doing is writing this blog post. I am also creating peace-focused content on my social media channels this month. Everyone shares the Light of Christ in different ways at Christmas. Comment some ways that you have shared the Light of Christ to give us all more ideas and inspiration below. You can also check out this page to explore more ideas, including a service idea generator!

  1. Be A Peacemaker

Jesus Christ was the best example of a peacemaker the world has ever known. There have been many peacemakers throughout history who have followed His Example. Do you know any peacemakers? Who are they? What do they do to spread peace or exemplify it? Comment below! This Christmas, learn from Jesus Christ and other peacemakers and try incorporating their attributes into your daily life.

Inspirational Articles about Peacemakers:

I hope you enjoyed my 5 Ways to Find Peace in Christ this Christmas. Thank you for reading! If you would like to read another blog post about Christmas, be sure to check out 8 Ways to Find the True Spirit of Christmas or this post about visiting Carthage Jail at Christmas time on Joseph Smith’s birthday.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Justina #NauvooBlogger

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Reference: “What is the average screen time per day?”

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