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Battles of the Heart

On this Day in Church History the Battle of Nauvoo was fought and the small group of remaining Latter-Day Saints were forced from the city (September 10, 1846)

Fifteen-year-old Eliza stood at the well near her home in Nauvoo. As she drew water, a canon ball struck her chimney.1 She was living in a battlefield. The Battle of Nauvoo lasted less than a week. Helplessly outnumbered, the remaining Saints, including Eliza and her family, fled to the banks of the Mississippi. Circumstances were dire. Many lay sick and dying. They had nothing to eat.2

The Lord sent a miracle to save them.

Eliza wrote: the Saints “were miraculously fed by quails that alighted in their midst.” She said the quails surrounded them and practically landed in their laps. “After we had caught enough to eat, they flew towards the west like a swarm of bees.”3

Eliza is my ancestor. I was touched by her story.

The Mississippi River in Nauvoo

She lived through a real battle, but I can relate to her because I feel like we are living through times of battle. On the news you can hear about battles of every kind. We are all experiencing our own personal battles, as well. I know these last few months have felt like a battle to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m at war with myself. Battling with my anxieties, doubts, questions, fears, and failures.

In the midst of these many wars and tumult of opinions, what is to be done?4

This past weekend a friend of mine brought a song to my attention. Listening to the words of this song fed my soul like Eliza was fed by those quails many years ago. The song was a true reminder to me that in this tumultuous, crazy, and confusing world, “Jesus Christ is the only source of enduring peace.”5

Peace in Christ

Jesus Christ can calm our fears, quiet our cries, and illuminate our darkest nights. He resolves our questions and doubts with endless love. He is really, truly, and always there for us, and I love Him for it.

Wishing you peace,



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2 thoughts on “Battles of the Heart”

  1. So I love the story of Eliza. When I first read the story of the quail I did not know that my ancestor was one of the ones who receive the miracle. Then I went on the trail of help one night and saw her name and heard the story from the missionary that was at her site.
    It is a blessing to know that I have such a strong ancestor in my family, and I think of her often when I’m going through difficult times. If she can go through that experience Of being driven out of her home and sleeping on the cold ground in Montrose and then see the Lord come to her aid, I can go through the hard times I go through and know that the Lord will come to my aid.

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